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You already know that Sink Industries is your one stop resource for the highest performing Plastisol Ink on the market, Monarch Ink, but did you know that we go beyond the Ink? We offer a wide variety of services to our customers and printers along with valuable insight and trend analytics that can boost revenue with your existing customers.

Whether you’re looking to expand your Screen Printing offering to include Embroidery, Decals, Large Format Printing, Print/Cut Solutions, and Graphic and Vector Design – search no more! Let us help pull your project together and connect you with our team of experts and give you a trustworthy source for information and suggestions.

Don’t say “No” to that side project! Your customer often has many more needs and wants that they would love to express through your work, and many screen printers turn down simple projects due to the unknown complexity of the task; with more than 10 years in the Decorated Apparel Industry, we understand what the end user is looking for and have the knowledge and skill to help you succeed in converting that idea into a sale.  Set up a free consultation and needs analysis today to see if you’re on the right track towards increased earnings and exceeded expectations.

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