Sink Industries and Monarch Ink Corporation

Monarch Ink: “The King of Inks”


Step aside Southern California Competition, say hello to the “King of Inks,” Monarch Ink Corporation’s Plastisol Screen Printing Ink. With a thick and creamy texture and no chunking or cutting necessary, Monarch Ink raises the bar in terms of quality and opacity and is unmatched by even the most expensive brands of Plastisol Ink on the market today.

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Monarch Ink: Product Features & Benefits

What Makes this Ink Different than the Ink We Already Use?


The secret to Monarch Ink is in its science and its composition. Most Printing Inks are Resin Based inks, and often need to be cut with Reducer in order to get a workable product after months of sitting on the shelf. Monarch Ink is completely emulsified and batched directly at the factory, so the product you receive is not only fresh stock, but is perfectly mixed. Each batch of Monarch Ink is continually tested for quality and uniquely perfected for any blend of apparel that a Screen Printer may need to print.


Where’s the Curable Reducer?


Leave your drill and mixing bits where they belong – on a construction site! Our ink is so creamy and thick that you can cut your spoon right through it without compromising printability and one-pass opacity. Many Inks tout “cheap” pricing and “thick High Opacity” ink structure, but hide the truth that many of these Resin Based Inks need to be cut down with Curable Reducer time and time again – which not only eats away at screens, but is harmful to the user and the environment. Factor the amount of Curable Reducer you have to use into your Ink Purchase and it becomes easy to see that “cheap inks” cost MORE than our premium Monarch Ink, as well as reducing labor time on your employees (or yourself). After just a few quick passes with your squeegee, Monarch Ink drools perfect lines and keeps your on-screen mess down – no need to pre-heat or work the ink before setting it up on your Automatic or Manual Screen Press.


Say Goodbye to Scorched Poly and Turn Down for This!


Cool that oven down, save up to 50% on your energy costs and increase your production time! A key feature as well as added benefit to Monarch Color Corporation’s Screen Printing Plastisol Ink is its unique chemical composition, allowing your apparel to cure at 230 Degrees Fahrenheit – yes, seriously, over 100 Degrees cooler than your standard printing ink (350 Degrees Fahrenheit). This advanced technology is only available in higher end and super-premium Plastisol Inks and translates into faster conveyor ovens, speedier flash cures, and most importantly – less failed garments due to washout by means of improper curing. How many customers have you lost, or could lose, by an uncured multiple color design; factor your answer into your next ink purchase and we will see who’s buying “cheap ink” again.

Another added feature of this lower cure temperature is what makes our ink indispensable in the industry today – no more scorched Poly. With Polyester being the hottest style of apparel on the market today, its no wonder why printers everywhere are resorting to off-the-wall methods of keeping their red poly shirts from turning pink, or their coaches jackets from melting in the conveyor drier. With our specially formulated 100% Polyester Ink – print with ease knowing that dye migration is a thing of the past and you can offer those new trendy clothing without fear of devastating damages.


So How Do I get Our Hands On Monarch Ink?


You are in the perfect position to purchase our Monarch Ink directly from our online e-commerce site located above or by clicking HERE. We are the only Authorized Distributor for Monarch Ink Corporation’s Plastisol Screen Printing Ink on the West Coast of the United States, and in many cases will drop-ship to wherever your warehouse is located. Shop directly on our website or fill out our CONTACT US page to get your hands on the best ink that will ever touch your screens, and sleep with peace of mind knowing that your team at Sink Industries has you covered.


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