Sink Industries Presents: “A Spaced-Out Cap”


Sink Industries Presents: “A Spaced-Out Cap, ” our very first hat — IS NOW AVAILABLE!!!

This Spaced-Out cap is our newest creation, combining techniques of Dye-Sublimation and Embroidery to create unique and original headwear.

This six panel baseball cap comes dye-sublimated and embroidered with the iconic Sink Industries Emblem in a sweet light aqua hue. It also boasts an matching, attractive, and comfortable cloth velcro closure to truly adjust to most sizes easily and securely.

This hat shines in its originality, so why not stand out this season; maybe buy one for your best friend! Hell, it’ll probably be the nicest thing you’ve ever done for them! ;P

This, and much more to come – my friends. Please check out our website or our Etsy and “Like” our products, every click counts and keeps us passionate!

Thank you all for the tremendous support!


#GetAtThat #SinkIndustries

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