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We are excited to announce our EXCLUSIVE West Coast Distributorship of Monarch Ink Corporation’s Plastisol Screen Printing Inks. Our Huge Selection includes over 40 Standard and Athletic Colors, as well as the Apocalypse Pantone Matching System which make Monarch Ink an invaluable asset in any Screen Printing Shop. 

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Sink Industries and Monarch Ink Corporation

Monarch Ink: “The King of Inks”


Step aside Southern California Competition, say hello to the “King of Inks,” Monarch Ink Corporation’s Plastisol Screen Printing Ink. With a thick and creamy texture and no chunking or cutting necessary, Monarch Ink raises the bar in terms of quality and opacity and is unmatched by even the most expensive brands of Plastisol Ink on the market today.

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Our Services

On or Off Press – We’re the Professionals!

You already know that Sink Industries is your one stop resource for the highest performing Plastisol Ink on the market, Monarch Ink, but did you know that we go beyond the Ink? We offer a wide variety of services to our customers and printers along with valuable insight and trend analytics that can boost revenue with your existing customers.

Whether you’re looking to expand your Screen Printing offering to include Embroidery, Decals, Large Format Printing, Print/Cut Solutions, and Graphic and Vector Design – search no more! Let us help pull your project together and connect you with our team of experts and give you a trustworthy source for information and suggestions.

Don’t say “No” to that side project! Your customer often has many more needs and wants that they would love to express through your work, and many screen printers turn down simple projects due to the unknown complexity of the task; with more than 10 years in the Decorated Apparel Industry, we understand what the end user is looking for and have the knowledge and skill to help you succeed in converting that idea into a sale.  Set up a free consultation and needs analysis today to see if you’re on the right track towards increased earnings and exceeded expectations.

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Our Passion

Sink Industries – Innovative Apparel Solutions


It all started with a dream, mixed vigorously with passion and ingenuity, and accented by inventive thinking, Sink Industries is the “Imagination Embodied” of Owner and Founder Jeff Sinkiewicz. With more than 10 years of design experience, and countless inventions, Jeff plans to change the Apparel Industry by adding his own creative twists to existing processes to streamline processes and optimize high quality and professionally made custom products.

Mr. Sinkiewicz takes a tremendous amount of pride in every task he pursues and an equal amount of enjoyment in learning or inventing innovative new techniques that simplify or streamline existing processes. Jeff graduated from the University of California Riverside in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology after only four years – thanks to a self-designed accelerated course schedule. In addition to his College Degree, Jeff is also a recognized Eagle Scout of the Boy Scouts of America (Troop 362 in 2008) and still plays an active role in his local community by volunteering and giving back.

Prior to owning and managing his own business, he worked for many different industries and fields, never fully satisfied that his creative talents were being used to the fullest extent. From Part-Time to Full-Time, Food Service to Pizza Delivery, from Administrative Assistant to Human Resources Manager – the hunger for more of what life has to offer kept pushing him forward along his career path, ultimately leading him to today.

Sink Industries started in 2006 as an Honor Student’s form of self expression in a crowd of ordinary, and has since matured into a Clothing Label that promotes staying true to your passion, a Brand Identity that is inventive and takes calculated risks, and a Company that believes the REAL “Bottom Line” is it’s 100% custom-made Customers.

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